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A Claims service you can count on

Premium: £385,000

Product: Motor Fleet & Employee Liability

Following meetings with a broker, we realised that their customer, a Port operator, was keen to find a new insurer. Knowing we could offer a tailored solution, we got to work on cover for the two ports in question.

Claims handling was a huge concern to the customer, so our Claims Account Manager set up a call, firstly with the broker and then with the insured, to discuss how claims would be handled if we were the insurer. Hearing about our capabilities convinced the insured that we were the right partner. Furthermore, we utilised our Risk Consulting capability, combining site consultations with Safety Media demonstrations, providing a bespoke offering that worked for them.

The combination of our Claims and Risk Consulting propositions, our personal and tailored approach, and ultimately our pricing, all demonstrated that RSA was the right fit for their Motor Fleet and Employers’ Liability business. The broker was delighted to place the business, worth £385,000 with RSA.