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A close-knit relationship delivers new business

Premium: £16,500
Line of Business: Commercial Combined
Trade: Specialist yarn processors

Speed and diligence don’t always go hand-in-hand, but our ability to provide both helped this broker win brand new business.

The broker had received a referral from an existing customer and wanted to make a great first impression on the prospect by being proactive. The only catch? The broker needed a same-day turnaround on the quote.

Having examined the key considerations that might prevent us from writing the risk, and confirming the policy conditions that we would apply, we promptly provided the quote. We outlined our expectation that, following a consultation, the customer would complete our recommended risk improvements, which was agreed to by both the customer and the broker.

The customer appreciated our diligent, consultative approach to detailing the requirements, which were intended to prevent any unforeseen issues from arising during the first period of insurance. Thanks to the swift turnaround, the broker won the customer, and we acquired the business based on the assurances we were able to provide prior to cover being placed.