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A focus on Risk Management seals a 2-year deal

Premium: £100,000
Line of Business: Property Owners
Trade: Commercial Lets

Risk Consulting and a Risk Management bursary complemented the customer’s existing provisions.

Having been appointed to look after a new customer’s portfolio, the broker’s first call was to RSA. Already familiar with our appetite and expertise, the broker felt confident in building a better proposition for the customer with the power of RSA behind him.

Early on, we established some key factors and covers that we would need to satisfy for both broker and customer. A significant aspect was a large, non-standard group of buildings which would make or break the deal. We quickly invoked the expertise of our in-house Risk Consulting team to review and assess the information at hand. Following a site visit to determine whether there was anything incremental we could provide to complement the customer’s established risk management process, we offered an up-front risk management bursary.

Our underwriting team worked tirelessly with the broker to respond swiftly to queries and validate additional risk information. Towards the end of the negotiations, we demonstrated our underwriting and pricing flexibility through a robust, competitive proposition.

We were delighted that our broker successfully moved the business to RSA, particularly as this involved a minimum two-year commitment from the customer.