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A professional and pragmatic approach to injury claims

Line of Business: Claims
Trade: Engineering

When a 19 year-old machine operative was injured, we applied lateral thinking to accelerate his recovery and return to work, which also resulted in savings for our customer.

A 19 year-old machine operator suffered a severe crush injury to his dominant hand which left him unable to return to his pre-accident employment.

Our rehabilitation case manager identified an alternative role as a telehandler with the insured, subject to re-training – which our claim handler agreed to fund. While the claimant’s solicitor had obtained a medico-legal recommendation for further investigation and treatment, two years on – thanks to the rehabilitation we had funded – the claimant had returned to full employment.

As a result, we were able to offer the claimant’s solicitor the option of settlement, rather than waiting until the treatment had concluded – an offer the claimant was pleased to accept. Following settlement, the partner of the claimant’s solicitor’s firm commended us for our professional and pragmatic approach to the claim, the effectiveness and value of the rehabilitation, our sympathy to the claimant’s financial plight, and our sensible settlement terms which enabled cost savings for our customer.