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A quick turnaround on Professional Indemnity

Premium: £10,000
Line of Business: PI Combined
Trade: Consulting Engineer

By eTrading PI Combined, our broker gained instant access to a dedicated underwriter when placing a larger risk.

Following a change in strategy by the holding market, the risk was on extension. We were approached by the broker who was keen to place to avoid any disruption to the customer.

With the imperative of a quick turnaround, we advised the broker to submit the enquiry online using our strengthened and simplified PI Combined product. This accelerates the process of capturing information with an innovative, easy-to-use trade selection tool and auto-completion of Limited company details.

As the broker was new to eTrading, we arranged a call to explain the product and the process, including the handy ‘Refer to Underwriter’ feature. Ease of access to a dedicated underwriter would give the broker the confidence to bring to our attention any questions or additional information.

Due to work splits, the risk was referred to one of our underwriters and, after reviewing the submission and requesting some additional information from the customer, we were able to provide a quote online at a competitive premium.

Having a detailed understanding of the risk, and an awareness of some of the challenges a broker might face when placing a larger risk online, proved integral to showcasing our eTrading capability and ultimately, winning the business.