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An innovative deal covering 50,000 Tradespeople

Premium: £9,000,000
Line of Business: Deal
Trade: Tradespeople

We built and launched a streamlined Tradespeople deal solution that benefits customers, the broker and RSA alike.

In 2018, we were presented with a unique challenge: to insure more than 50,000 Tradespeople customers with maximum efficiency. This business had previously been written under a facility that also provided a direct-to-customer interface. In order to succeed, we would need to develop a new, tri-partite solution with the broker and their software house, Acturis, to not only replicate but improve on this model.

We built and launched a Tradespeople deal solution that benefited all parties – customers, the broker and RSA.

Customers benefit from enhanced covers and an improved claims process. They also have the ability to self-serve through a web-based solution that enables them to accept uploaded renewal terms and access all policy documentation. New customers can also quote and buy directly using this model.

The broker was able to retain a profitable book of business and cement a strong working relationship with RSA as a single carrier. The bespoke web solution gave the broker trading efficiencies through streamlined bulk data uploads, which in turn allowed them to respond quickly to customers and maintain the exceptional service they are renowned for.

RSA now has a new, differentiated distribution model that is reusable in future, giving us the opportunity to significantly expand the size of our footprint in Tradespeople via this profitable book of business.