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Expert and bespoke Risk Consulting

Premium: £100,500

Product: Commercial combined

We were approached to quote for a Woodwork company that had a distressed claims history, involving two six-figure claims and an investigation from the Health and Safety Executive.

After reading the initial risk presentation, we really wanted to understand the customer’s story. We quickly established how we could improve this business by enhancing the health and safety management through RSA Risk Consulting.

Our expert Risk Consultant assisted in setting up the health and safety committee, implementing occupational health assessments for noise, lung and skin assessments, and adding real value to the customer’s health and safety regime. Furthermore, to help promote a safety-conscious culture, we provided 12 of the insured supervisors with IOSH training. Our thorough management of the risks involved enabled us to produce a competitive commercial combined quotation that secured us and the broker new business worth £100,500.