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No business too small

Premium: £26,000

Product: Commercial combined & ProFin

When an account executive left a charity organisation, there was a danger that the incumbent broker would lose the business. Insuring the company meant a great deal to our broker, so we acted quickly to equip them with an offering that would place them well ahead of the competition.

We started by gaining as much information as we could about the risk. With a full understanding secured, we gave a competitive price and explored risk management offerings to help the broker tailor their proposition to the customer. Through our extensive product portfolio, we could also offer their employees eLearn services and arranged a risk consultancy visit to help support them on their property risk. In addition, at the eleventh hour, another insurer let them down on their Professional Indemnity lines. Our ProFin team dropped everything to respond with a quote the day before renewal. The hard work paid off when the broker placed the business with us and was delighted with our support on a smaller account.