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No.1 for Commercial Claims

At RSA, we do all we can to help get people back on their feet after an accident. A member of our policyholder’s club fell from a ladder and suffered a shattered shoulder, along with other injuries.
He was left with very little use of his left arm and was told that he was highly unlikely to return to work as an engineer.

Our major injury team stepped in and arranged rehabilitation. Intensive physiotherapy has given the claimant much of the movement back in his left arm. We also funded an operation privately, for his other injuries, to avoid a significant delay in receiving the operation on the NHS.

It was rewarding to hear that the claimant’s solicitor commented “You have dealt with this matter in an exceptional way and he could not have received better co-ordinated care. The range of movement is now greater than even his NHS treating consultant thought could be achieved. It is to be hoped, with all of the efforts from the various therapists, that he can return to work.”

At RSA, we’re proud to say that going above and beyond to ensure claims are handled sensitively, timely and with our customers’ best interests in mind, is at the heart of what we do.