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Taking the heat out of the claims process

Claim value: £88,000
Line of Business: Claims
Trade: Manufacturing

When a manufacturer’s operations were disrupted by a neighbour’s fire, our proactive, common-sense approach provided much-needed reassurance.

A manufacturer of high temperature resilient products found themselves having to make a claim after ironically suffering smoke damage from a fire at a neighbouring premises.

As the original claim included stock and business interruption, one of our material damage adjusters visited the site. While this visit was not strictly necessary, since there was sufficient information already on file, the broker felt our presence on site would put the claimant at ease, so naturally we obliged. 

The claim was subsequently reduced to Increased Cost of Working and business interruption (BI) only, and transferred to our BI specialist, with the claim settled at £88K. The broker told us that our adjuster’s visit made a real difference to the manufacturer, demonstrating RSA’s common-sense, flexible and proactive approach.