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We don’t do surveys, we do consultations

Premium: £175,000

Product: Liability

We started to engage with the broker in March regarding Liability Insurance for a sea farming company, asking them what their plans would be, given the Ogden rate change.

Three weeks later, the broker confirmed it would be coming to market, and that RSA and another leading Insurer would be asked to review. Over the next two months, we engaged with the broker on a regular basis, organised face-to face meetings and ensured consistent telephone engagement was in place. We agreed that we would only offer a premium once a site consultation was carried out. We engaged our expert Risk Consultant with exact requirements on what we wanted him to convey to the customer about RSA and our capabilities, to ensure they felt comfortable and understood our intentions.

The risk consultancy meeting went exceptionally well; the business had made major steps forward from the claims they had suffered in the years prior and we could not find fault with any current processes, or the way they had the machinery and plant operating.

Using this output, the quote was prepared and presented in a proposition document that the broker shared with their customer. The broker was able to confirm the same week that they were happy to proceed and allow us to start the process of setting up the cover and documentation in time for the renewal date, resulting in a great business win for RSA and the broker, worth £175,000.